Monday, May 7, 2012

Cleaning the Oven

Why did I JUST think about this? I put my drip trays in the oven during the cleaning cycle in my oven.At the end I wiped them out and the look like new!I had been scrubbing them for years! Just to let you know a tiny bit of paint chipped off.I am glad for the light bulb moment!

Soap Cloud

This was so much fun!We took a bar of Ivory soap and cut it into 4 pieces and microwaved it on high for a minute and a half.We cut ours into four just so everyone had a turn.For more info on this go to
I love my Pinterest board!

We are going to try to make laundry soap out of our "cloud",I will let you know how it goes :)

Weekend Project

We had a really nice ottoman that our dogs and kids destroyed!so we decided to redo it.We took off the legs and took off the old fabric.Put on the new and done! 20 minute project and now it looks like new! We even got the new fabric on sale for 5 dollars! Much better price then replacing the whole thing!